This article is a deeper dive into our plastic production, consumption and waste management problem and how it’s destroying our planet.

I am revolted, disgusted, disturbed and hurt.

I see a disease spreading across our planet and it’s shaken me to my core, plastic pollution is slowly killing our Earth.

I am a huge documentary nerd and it seems like every time I watch a really good documentary my life changes and it did.

I watched The Plastic Pollution (a great documentary I recommend everyone watch) one night from the comfort of my home and suddenly all I could think about was plastics.

I am going to be writing on this topic a lot more but in this article I want…

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve grown up wanting to know the “secrets of the universe” or more generally just understanding how things work. Questions like…

How does the sun work?

Why do black holes exist?

Can we go beyond our universe and into a parallel reality?

What happens if the moon gets knocked out of orbit?

Can humans be the only intelligent life?

bubbled in my head and once I found some “answers,” I had even more questions.

It’s like I’m drawn to the complexity of the universe and want to unravel it bit by bit. I…

Leveraging radiation therapy and genetic data to find more accurate results in cancer diagnoses, prognosis and personalized medicine.

The natural beauty in our biology.

How this blog is broken down:

  1. Introduction to cancer with me rambling philosophically (please feel free to skip this part haha).
  2. Discussing the current problem in cancer research.
  3. A solution of said problem.

Part I: The beauty and the beast in our bodies.

(skip this straight to Part II if you want to jump right into the problem)

Our biology is beautiful and dangerous.

Let’s take a moment to think about how beautiful being alive is.

Being able to breathe fresh air, smell sweet flowers, solve math problems, make friendships, feel the wet rain and so many more experiences transcend and wash over our senses everyday.

Wow being alive is crazy.

You start from a single celled organism to now a complex…

As an 18 year old, I’m reflecting on my past and what’s to come in the future.


  1. I’m probably the luckiest person on earth.
  2. Knowing what you want in life and going after it is the single most important thing for anyone to discover.
  3. I am working towards finding and solving a problems that will impact the higher good of humanity.

I’ve been blessed with,

  • amazing parents
  • great health and genetics
  • able mind and body
  • access to resources I need to survive
  • having opportunities that have exponentially accelerated my growth
  • being around smart people

My life is not normal because I live in the top 1% of the world and probably less that 1% of that number…

Understanding inner peace.

Getting to Know the Yogi (one who has reached a high level of spiritual insight)

The world is filled with so many types of “gurus” nowadays. They’re so common that almost everyone on youtube is at least a guru of some sort.

Gurus come in many shapes and size like;

  • Beauty gurus
  • Fitness gurus
  • Marketing gurus
  • Spiritual gurus

Everyone is standing on the edge of a cliff.

Some people are closer to falling than others.

Some have already jumped.

But we all face the same uncertainty of jumping into the unknown.

I call this the choice of life.

Most people will never jump off the cliff, it’s too scary. The few who do will realize that once you jump, the grass is a lot greener, the air is more fresher and life becomes unfathomably sweet.

You took control of life and it’s given you freedom because in the process of taking that jump you shed everything that was…

Optical Tweezers are the Nobel Prize winning research, showcased utilizing photons to observe and move nanoscale particles.

We never just stop and think about how important light is in our everyday lives, it’s taken for granted and a bit under-appreciated in my opinion. Just try to imagine a world without light…sounds extremely dull (pun intended).

We wouldn’t be able to see colours, see stars in the sky or or stay up till 3 am reading a book (guilty of this many times):sweat_smile:.

I wouldn’t even be able to write this article without having light illuminate the graphic interface on my computer screen.

The sense of seeing wouldn’t exist without light traveling about 300 000 000 m/s and…

Using carbon nanotubes to increase efficiency in general lithium-ion batteries.

Carbon nanotube

Just a few days ago I met the CEO of Nissan Canada and I had the opportunity to learn about the Nissan Leaf, their model of an affordable electric vehicle. I left that talk realizing that batteries are the backbone of this industry and a very underrated technology.

We need batteries that are:

  • affordable (a 70–90 kilowatt battery weighs 600 kg and costs up to $30k!)
  • efficient (a Nissan Leaf can only operate for 3 hours straight before it needs a recharge!)

These numbers sound absolutely crazy to me. Batteries are a clear barrier between encouraging more people to transition…

Tao or “The Way” is the end and beginning of the world, of something and nothing, a path to life and order of nature.

If you are like me then you must have realized how HARD it is to understand the meaning behind the language of Taoism.

Me everyday basically

If your face resembles anything like this ^ after reading the first statement then trust me we are on the same boat. I’m just as confuzzled as everyone else.

However, I bought my first translation of the Tao Te Ching and started chipping away at analyzing the ancient writings and trying to understand the deep meaning behind each message. What I found was a gold mine!

Taoism is the philosophy describing the meaning of life and how to live virtuously.

(AKA a gold mine of wisdom and knowledge on how to…

An introduction to the nanoscale world and its transformative technologies.

Nanotechnology is exactly what the word sounds like, technology at a scale around 10–100 nanometers large. The technology is engineered by designing nanomachines using atoms and small molecules.

The idea of manipulating atoms and engineering at the nanoscale has been around since the 1950’s when Richard Feynman gave his first talk on nanotechnology at Caltech called There’s plenty of room at the bottom. He outlines a whole new world waiting to be discovered to fuel an era of technology where machines could be 7 atoms large!

Tanisha Bassan

Quantum Computing Research @ Zapata Computing

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