Life Lessons from an Uneducated Man

Understanding inner peace.

Getting to Know the Yogi (one who has reached a high level of spiritual insight)

The world is filled with so many types of “gurus” nowadays. They’re so common that almost everyone on youtube is at least a guru of some sort.

Gurus come in many shapes and size like;

  • Beauty gurus
  • Fitness gurus
  • Marketing gurus
  • Spiritual gurus
Cat Guru

Even this cat is guru…you get what I mean haha.

This term is being attached to all sorts of people who have some level of expertise in one area.

But this word originates from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and has a much deeper meaning.

Guru (Sanskrit: गुर) from gu (darkness), and ru (light) — means someone who has deep knowledge and wisdom in an area and can guide others, can lift others out of darkness i.e. ignorance.

It’s more of a description than a title, it refers to a person who is uneducated from any scripture, dogma, religion, etc.

The title seems pretty ironic, how can someone be a guru if they’re uneducated?

Aha this is why this man is so deeply interesting and it irked me to find out more about him.

Usually, I wouldn’t trust any random person on the internet giving life advice but this man was more than unusual hence my fascination with his work grew.

Look at how crazy these accomplishments:

  • He’s an Indian yogi, mystic, author, successful businessman and speaker who founded the Isha Foundation.
  • Through his work, he’s brought the intersection of e-commerce, spiritualism, and activism in education and the global environment.
  • He’s spoken at Google, Harvard, Stanford, UN Summit, World Economic Forum, to world leaders, etc.

His fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every human being — a science that helps a person realize the ultimate potential within.

He has an inner engineering program and in his words, he’s stated: “there is a whole dimension of science and technology for inner well-being.” He’s deriving the program through the practices of yoga to help guide people to self-actualization.

His message always focuses back on the question of how to raise human consciousness.

My Changed Views About the World

His deep-rooted vision was a huge jolt to me, I’ve become awakened to a much richer problem that deeply affects all of humanity.

So I want to take the time to write down all the thoughts I’ve had since encountering Sadhguru on the internet.

That problem is our lack of insight into ourselves and having no guidance on how to reach inner peace and harmony.

Those words sound so fluffy and you’re probably like, Tanisha that sounds like bullsh*t, I’m going to go and continue binge-watching Netflix because Friends is more entertaining than you!

(Honestly there are a lot of life lessons I’ve learnt from Friends, that show was the LEGIT so I wouldn’t be too mad if you do think that)

I get you

I mean look at Joey, he was a real one and my favourite character ❤

Anyways getting back on topic.

I’ve come to realize that every small action that we take to distract ourselves, live off short-term gratification, harm others, etc., it’s slowly killing us from the inside out.

I truly mean this, as I’ve been trying to understand myself better through meditation, I’ve realized just how much self-hate I had for myself.

The self-hate and self-pity is #1 enemy in all of us. We need to start focusing on our inner selves and dispel all the hatefulness that is making our souls rotten to the core.

I want to share my thoughts so that maybe it’ll help someone realize just how much harm they are causing to themselves and change their mindset.

I also don’t think everyone should change because I tell you to or that I have all the answers, just realized I had some epiphanies that might make sense to some people :)

To those who are interested, the answer to how people should change is super simple.

Just do the right thing

I’ll share the thoughts that often cross my mind and how I’ve come to certain conclusions (if the answer above wasn’t straightforward enough lol) but I first acknowledge my own ignorance about everything.

I don’t know anything in this world and I would argue that I will continue not knowing anything.

So to not make myself sound like I’m dumb and incapable of learning I’ll share my own view on knowledge and information.

I don’t think we can truly know anything in the world. — Me

Hold up, before you judge me and tell me that’s the most dumbest idea you’ve ever heard, let me explain.

But first let’s take in a deep breath and relax because a lot of what I’m going to say is going to sound pretty wacky.

Inner peaceeeeeee

The universe is in constant flux and change, this means that matter is always changing from one state to another. We can “know” these properties of matter but let’s be real for a moment.

Science discovery is mainly making really good guesses about how Nature behaves until someone else comes up with a better theory. But it isn’t a definite description of reality no matter how much we want it to be.

Because then we would stay in a fixed mindset and never make progress towards coming up with more and more accurate theories about Nature.

Imagine if we all decided that the Earth is flat and never changed our “knowledge” about the world. In that world no one would try to make new discoveries to disprove this “fact”. Imagine how dumb we would all be if we never let out “knowledge” evolve as more discoveries were made.

So taking this fact into consideration, we have current models to describe Nature and how the world works but these aren’t true depictions of reality. Also if we “know” something about a system today, it’s all very relative to time because 100 years from now that information will evolve and become outdated.

So I operate under the framework that true understanding of Nature will not come through knowledge acquisition. Meaning I will never have the knowledge to know anything about true reality of Nature.

However that doesn’t stop me from want to read every. single. book. I can find and so it shouldn’t stop you either. Also this doesn’t really matter in our day to day lives, only when we try to understand how Nature works.

So in the end just ignore me and keep living your life LOL

JK do keep reading please XD

I also believe that our accumulated knowledge about the universe is worthless without the proper consciousness to guide it in the right direction.

We have to understand that our “ intellect” only collects the abstraction of complexity around us and there is a whole magnificent reality out there that is beyond the reaches of our 5 senses.

I have a deep fascination with complexity, knowing the world, not in pieces but its interconnectedness and finding those hints towards a larger reality than myself.

Much of what I’m saying probably doesn’t make any sense to you, heck it doesn’t make all that much sense to me BUT why do things HAVE to make sense?

That question displays a natural flaw in humans where we have evolved to WANT to make sense of everything around us. We think that once we understand something, we “know” it. This is FALSE.

Life isn’t meant to be understood, it is meant to be experienced.

Okay, Tanisha, I’ve heard that line before, what are you trying to get at???

What I’m saying is that we fail to perceive reality for what it is when we try to understand things and not just experience them.

The universe is chaotic and complex, it isn’t meant to be understood by humans because we don’t even have all the right equipment to pay attention to the chaos around us.

Our 5 senses limit the data we can perceive about the world. Even when we build tools much smarter than us, our understanding is still limited or else we wouldn’t have black box situations.

Take for example quantum mechanics, we still don’t understand the true nature of particles that create the matter around us and when we try to make sense of it, the information is lost (the phenomena of superposition).

If you think about a little more…THAT’S CRAZY!

I mean Nature itself is programmed in such a way that if you try to understand it using just “human senses” you’re never going to uncover it’s the truth.

So here is my answer, why bother trying? If understanding Nature is a lost cause then let’s focus on something else, understanding ourselves better within the operations of Nature.

My motto in life now is: Stop understanding and start meditating…LOL

Takeaways from my rambling:

  • Don’t be too serious, life is a mystery at its core which will remain unsolved to our limited biology
  • Be more experiential, what you can learn about life won’t come through textbooks but living an interesting life.
  • Spend time with yourself and get rid of all the rotten hate you hide in your heart, it’s only harming you no one else.

Okay, so I talked about a guru, inner peace, quantum mechanics…to finally make one. single. damn. point.

Gosh talking about how we suck at loving ourselves is freaking hard. No one will ever tell you this stuff straight up (unless you’re in TKS hehe).

Things to avoid being a rotten, crappy person from the inside:

  1. Talking smack about others and putting people down, realize that it’s only making you dislike yourself more.
  2. Self-sabotaging your potential by constantly telling yourself “you’re a crappy person who doesn’t deserve x, y, z.” This is a sign of SELF PITY or VICTIMIZATION, stop that.
  3. Consumption > creation, if most of your time is spent watching Netflix you know there’s a problem you have to fix.

Now I don’t have any answers since I’m figuring this stuff out myself but here is what I know will help get you on the path of inner peace.

How to develop self-love:

  1. Meditation and reflection (it’s legit).
  2. Getting in the habit of catching yourself when you think of any negative thoughts about someone else or yourself.
  3. Just do what’s right, in your heart you know what the right thing is but doing it is hard but you gotta suck it up and DO WHAT’S RIGHT.

The end.




Haha, anyways I hope these are just starting actionable steps you can take towards becoming a happier person while I also follow my advice.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and seriously take care of yourself people.

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked this article!

If you would like to connect you can find me on Linkedin and personal website.

Cya next time!

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